Crypto Portfolios for All
Easy to follow & ready-made crypto portfolios that deliver.
Confused with which ones to HODL & not get REKT?

Look no further than our new crypto portfolios. Designed to make things easier, these portfolios offer growth with a choice of coins across sectors, marketcaps & tech. All our portfolios are actively managed & periodically reviewed by experts & AI; thus bringing the perfect mix of human & machine intelligence.

Model portfolios like these can be a guiding tool for achieving your investment goals, but one size rarely fits all. That's why we offer multiple strategies with their own risk profile & holding tenure to suit all kinds of investors. It's time that crypto investments are taken seriously & as an integral part of your wealth building.

While a 100% profit cannot be guaranteed, Blocknomy guarantees a 100% transparency in all its portfolios as they reflect real-time data at all times.
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All Weather investing is a popular strategy that ensures your investments do well in all types of market conditions, be it good or in bad times. It not only invests in blockchain based assets but also in tokenized versions of stocks & gold. It's a long term strategy that gives you a steady ride to meet your financial goals. Read more

Strategy : Balanced
Allocation : Multicap
Tenure : Long term (1 Yr+)
Risk : Low
This portfolio is a mix of the best DeFi & NFT projects. And since NFT projects leverage highly on DeFi, it makes complete sense to combine them into one solid portfolio. Due to the rapid developments in these two sectors, the portfolio aims to bring capital appreciation with little downside. Read more

Strategy : Very Aggressive
Allocation : Mid & Smallcaps
Tenure : Short to mid term (< 1 Yr)
Risk : High
This particular portfolio consists of the top 10 coins ranked on Blocknomy. These coins change with the latest rankings & their weights are equally distributed for fairplay. This investment strategy is powered by Blocknomy's proprietary AI which analyses multiple parameters to include only the best in the Top10 list. Read more

Strategy : Aggressive
Allocation : Follows our Top10 Rankings
Tenure : Ultra Long term (2 Yrs+)
Risk : Moderate
As you would have guessed already, this portfolio thrives for astronomical returns by investing into early-stage projects. We are riding lambos on moon with this one! Being a high risk strategy, you may see big dips or even outlandish pumps. Thus, it's for those who bear the diamond hands & not for the faint hearted. Read more

Strategy : Extremely Aggressive
Allocation : Small & Microcaps
Tenure : Long to Ultra Long term (1 - 2 Yrs+)
Risk : Very High