About Blocknomy

Engineered to bring the best of crypto economics.

Blocknomy.net, a brand from FutureOrion Inc., is a data-driven crypto assets research tool that utilizes Human & Machine Intelligence to provide unique insights, analytics and social statistics to simplify crypto research.

The sole intent for the platform is to self-educate and provide a mathematical approach towards ranking & rating of crypto assets which is based on a diverse range of parameters - key to the asset's growth & sustainability.

Since crypto is a new & upcoming asset class, it requires a new form of analysis and that's exactly what Blocknomy tries to achieve & deliver. It cuts down on all the technical jargon, know-how and streamlines them into byte-size information for easy understanding.

Information provided herein is not an offer or solicitation to buy, hold, or sell any security. Instead, it gives a holistic approach toward understanding different crypto assets.